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The Qualified Forest Program

The Qualified Forest Program (QFP) is a Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development program. It provides a property tax exemption for private forest landowners who meet the qualifications for the program. Parcels enrolled into QFP receive an exemption from the school operating portion (usually 18 mils) on annual property taxes and a capping of the taxable value. This program is designated for forested landowners who do not have their land homesteaded or under an agriculture exemption (QAP) and meet the requirements of qualified forest.

Requirements for enrollment include tax parcel size exceeding 20 acres, appropriate stocking of forested land (80% forested for parcels 20-39.9 acres & 50% forested for parcels >40 acres in size), and a forest management plan created by a qualified forester.

This program offers great property tax saving opportunities and connects forest landowners with a professional forester to help assist in reaching the goals and objectives of the property in a sustainable manner.

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