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Quality Deer Management (QDM) vs. Trophy Buck Ignorance

The concept of Quality Deer Management is a great action plan to better whitetail deer herds, habitat, and benefit other wildlife. This type of management approach focuses on 4 cornerstones (NDA):

  1. Herd Management

  2. Habitat Management

  3. Hunter Management

  4. Herd Monitoring

Utilizing this complete concept can improve the health of the deer herd, habitat quality, and benefit other stake holders (other wildlife, forest health, native species, etc.).

When an individual commits to the QDM standard they are managing in the best interest of the deer herd and the habitat they occupy. This can mean improving habitat, harvesting antlerless deer, and adjusting their activities in the best interest of the overall goal of quality whitetail deer. These individuals are true conservationist that seek out guidance and recommendations from accredited professionals, contribute to sustainable management, and have realistic expectations when it comes to hunting.

Unfortunately sometimes quality deer management is used to disguise the true desire of only shooting "Big Bucks" by some individual hunters. These types of hunters are only concerned with harvesting bucks with large antlers. They often disregard sustainable habitat management, do not harvest antlerless deer (doe), and insist that there are never enough deer on the landscape. They do not accept science based data or management, have expectations that are unrealistic, and judge QDM success on their frequency of harvesting bucks.

When quality deer management is interpreted correctly, and properly executed, the 4 cornerstones can lead to great benefits and rewards. For those who are actual conservationist and adhere to true QDM I applaud you: you are truly doing your part to sustain our natural resources into the future.

As for you others who fit into the "Trophy Buck ignorance" category: its never to late to broaden your horizon and earn the "Conservationist" title.

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