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Hail: The Forestry Dog!

Who is Hail?

Hail is Hunter's 2-year-old female black lab.

What does Hail do?

Hail spends her work week overseeing forestry operations at Hunters Land Management. When Hunter is working on projects in the office Hail can be found lounging around on her pillow, or the couch, sleeping or chewing on deer antlers. If field work is on the schedule, then Hail rides shotgun to the job and accommodates Hunter in the woods. While Hunter is gathering forest inventory data, marking trees, or consulting with a landowner Hail is usually exploring the forest nearby.

When she isn't hard at work, she can be found accompanying Hunter on western big game hunting trips, duck & goose hunting, competing in dock dog competitions, or playing with her favorite toy: a tennis ball.

Education with Hail:

Hail is a great resource for folks like yourself interested in learning more about forest ecology, management, and silviculture. Hail discusses these topics on the social media platforms Instagram & Facebook. You can find photos of hail, and forestry education inserts, that help followers learn more about the forest ecosystem around them.

Where can you find Hail?

Look for Hail's hashtag: #Hailtheforestrydog on Instagram or #Hailtheforestrydog on Facebook to see what Hail is up to!

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