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Fall is the Time to Assess Invasive Woody Shrubs

Throughout the growing season the forest can often be so thick, with vegetation, that its hard to grasp what species are really out there. During that time it can be a daunting task for folks who do not have an education in plant identification to really assess the invasive species densities on their property.

However, every Fall around October and early November our native species leaf's drop as autumn comes around full swing. This is the best time of the year for inexperienced individuals to really see the extent of invasive woody shrubs on their property. Invasive species like autumn olive, honeysuckle, and buckthorn all hold their leaves and retain green foliage for much longer then our native species (as you can see in the photo).

So get out in the woods and start taking note on these problematic plants and create a game plan for removal: your forest will be happy you did!

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