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Michigan Stewardship Forester of The Year

I was honored to receive the Forest Stewardship Award this spring for 2020 Forester of the Year from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. 

The Forest Stewardship Program is an excellent source for landowners to receive cost/share on a forest management plan. These plans will help guide you through proper forest management and open up opportunities for better forest management.

If you are interested in talking about a Forest Stewardship Plan for your property contact me so we can get started.

To read more about this award I received visit the Outdoor Wire article at the following link:



Qualified Forest Program (QFP)
The Qualified Forest Program (QFP) provides a property tax exemption for private landowners who actively manage their forests and woodlands for commercial harvest. The goal of the program is to fuel regional economies through timber harvest and individual tax savings. 
  • A maximum 18 mill reduction of school operating taxes on non-homestead property with the Qualified Forest School Tax Affidavit.

  • The Qualified Forest Taxable Value Affidvit prevents the “uncapping” of a property’s taxable value when a parcel currently enrolled in QFP changes ownership.

  • Parcels must be 20 acres or larger to qualify.

  • Parcels from 20-39 acres must be a least 80 percent stocked with forest capable of producing wood products.

  • Parcels from 40-640 acres must be at least 50 percent stocked with forest capable of producing wood products.

  • A forest management plan is required for the parcels being enrolled.

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Customer Reviews

Marlene Halliwill

Overall Rating: 10/10

Gratiot County, MI

Service - Forest Management Plan

"Hunter provided professional and timely consultation on 2 40+ acre wooded parcels in Gratiot County. Walking the property with him as he explained the many, many aspects to a healthy woodlot was very helpful and informative. Plus the forestry management plans he put together which we initially contracted for to save on property taxes turned out to be great to improve the hunting habitat. Readily recommend Hunter for any wood lot or forestry needs."

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