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2021 American Tree Farm System Inspector of the Year


I was provided with the highest honor, as an American Tree Farm System Inspector, by receiving the 2021 National Tree Farm Inspector of the Year award!

This award is provided to 1 out of 2,100 foresters across the nation each year that provide their services to forest landowners who are ATFS members (tree farmers). 

American Tree Farm System is a non-profit organization that provides certification to forest landowners through a "Standards of Sustainability" code that ensures private forest across the United States are managed in a sustainable manner.

If you are interested in certifying your property with American Tree Farm System and becoming a Tree Farmer contact Hunters Land Management today to get started!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Doe Patrol Deer Blind Giveaway!


During the Fall of 2021 Hunters Land Management hosted a contest to encourage the harvest of antlerless (female) deer in Michigan.  


Michigan hunters who harvested an antlerless deer during the 2021 season could submit a chance to win 1 of 4 deer blinds (1 submission for each antlerless deer harvested)

Congratulations to the 4 winners!

  • John Milan (pictured)

  • Logan Nabozny (pictured)

  • Kevin Stevenson

  • Allen McLain

Why this type of contest?


   Excessive browse damage from high whitetail deer populations are far exceeding the ability for our natural ecosystems (especially forest) to regenerate and be sustained. Species such as maple, oaks, & paper birch are being negatively impacted due to the high browse preference by whitetail deer. Across many portions of the state sex ratios are also significantly out of balance and doe densities are far higher than they should be. 


By increasing antlerless deer harvest we as hunters can make a positive impact on reducing whitetail deer populations (to appropriate densities) and create healthier deer herds & sustainable natural ecosystems throughout the state of Michigan. 


Qualified Forest Program (QFP)
The Qualified Forest Program (QFP) provides a property tax exemption for private landowners who actively manage their forests and woodlands for commercial harvest. The goal of the program is to fuel regional economies through timber harvest and individual tax savings. 
  • A maximum 18 mill reduction of school operating taxes on non-homestead property with the Qualified Forest School Tax Affidavit.

  • The Qualified Forest Taxable Value Affidvit prevents the “uncapping” of a property’s taxable value when a parcel currently enrolled in QFP changes ownership.

  • Parcels must be 20 acres or larger to qualify.

  • Parcels from 20-39 acres must be a least 80 percent stocked with forest capable of producing wood products.

  • Parcels from 40-640 acres must be at least 50 percent stocked with forest capable of producing wood products.

  • A forest management plan is required for the parcels being enrolled.

Contact Us to Talk about Enrollment!

Customer Reviews

Marlene Halliwill

Overall Rating: 10/10

Gratiot County, MI

"Hunter provided professional and timely consultation on 2 40+ acre wooded parcels in Gratiot County. Walking the property with him as he explained the many, many aspects to a healthy woodlot was very helpful and informative. Plus the forestry management plans he put together which we initially contracted for to save on property taxes turned out to be great to improve the hunting habitat. Readily recommend Hunter for any wood lot or forestry needs."

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